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Project Based Learning

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Project Based Learning

Projects provide settings in which students can apply extensive practical and intellectual skills in, addition to the basic academic skills being educated in the formal portions of the curriculum.  The efforts of young minds to write and represent the data gathered during their investigations can be seen. The projects also provide contexts to argue, cooperate, collaborate, and share the responsibility of data gathering, check findings and many other research strategies and provoke young minds to in-depth probing into the world around them, to learning how things work and how they are made, to finding out who does what and what tools are used, to discovering the sequences in which actions are taken in the events investigated, and to observing and describing the work done by people in their own everyday worlds. A close examination of the practical world teaches them to observe closely how things grow and change over time.

It facilitates students and faculty members to have multiple assessment of opportunities, allows them to demonstrate their capabilities while working independently; develops their ability to apply desired skills such as doing research; to work with his or her peers, building teamwork and group skills; allows the faculty members to study more about the student as a person and to communicate in progressive and meaningful ways with them. 

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