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The Impact of Online Purchasing on Medical Tourism in Maharashtra State

Abstract The research Paper is exploring a emerging concept of on line purchasing growing in India and Maharashtra state. In the title of research paper “The ... Visit website

E- Governance Issues and Challenges

Abstract Skilled manpower is, perhaps, the biggest challenge of all. India has nearly 475 million people engaged in labour, out of which about 93% are engaged ... Visit website

An assessment of academic stress and its manifestations among University Teachers in Digital Era

Abstract Teachers stress has been well known across the globe. With the advent of the digital era, the class rooms are packed with latest gadgets and ... Visit website

Mass Customization of Healthcare: Mapping Trends in Digitization of Healthcare Industry

Abstract The rising use of technology and internet has unlocked a new potential for the digital healthcare industry to create new pathways to reach out to ... Visit website

Role of Education in National Development

Abstract This paper is the base of education to national development. It fact that national develops in related to its achievement in education. Education is a ... Visit website

Value based Education in Current Scenario

Introduction Values in education are like what virtues make of a human being. Value education harmonizes the need for the student to achieve in a competitive ... Visit website

Ethical Values and National Development

Abstract  Values are the pillars of a nation. India is a country based on ancient values. Our history shows that we live like a large family,the ... Visit website

An Analytical Study of Consumer Behaviour &Loyalty in Print Media - Challenges and Strategic Perscriptions With Special Reference to Danik Bhasker of Indore

Abstract Customers’ perception is the process whereby customers select, organize and interpret sensory stimulation into meaningful information. Newspaper is a publication that appears regularly and frequently. ... Visit website

The Impact of digital technology on education in present scenario

Abstract This research study predicts the role of digital technology on education in present scenario. The goal of this study is to address the fundamental research ... Visit website

Traditions and Innovations in English Language Teaching

Abstract English language teaching in India started with establishment of the East India Company. It was a rise of cross cultural communication in India. There have ... Visit website

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