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Integrating DNA Computing in Chaos-Based Optimization Algorithm Approach for Cryptography

Abstract: DNA cryptography is a field which is being in tremendous demand for providing effective electronic security since 1990s. It exploits the extreme randomness and ... Visit website

An Association Mining of Efficient by Compressed Large Database

Large Amount of data is being using very rapidly in the world. It to be compressed takes much more time and takes lot of effort ... Visit website

Customer Perception On Mobile Banking

Mobile usage has seen an explosive growth in most of the Asian economies like India, China and Korea. The main reason that Mobile Banking scores ... Visit website

A Study of the Impact of Information Technology on Stock Market Indices

A Stock market index is a leading indicator of the performance of the overall economy or a sector of the economy through providing up to ... Visit website

Mining Association Rules in Long Sequence

Discovering interesting patterns in long sequences, and finding confident association rules within them, is a popular area in data mining. Most existing methods define patterns ... Visit website

Measuring E-Governance Awareness Among Citizens of Indore District of Madhya Pradesh

E-governance is the use of technology to reach Governmental services to the masses. Recent developments in the web technologies and networking technologies have reduced the ... Visit website

Key Drivers of Mobile Commerce An Exploratory Study

Mobile commerce is a business model that allows a consumer to complete all steps of a transaction by using a mobile phone or personal digital ... Visit website

The Role of Information Technology in New Product Development

In order to achieve a successful new product, and certainly the successful implementation of a new product into a company, it is necessary to have ... Visit website

Design of One Dimensional Chaotic Maps Based System for Secret Key Generation

The quality of the stream ciphers highly depends on the quality of the key-stream. The process of key generation is the major task which defines ... Visit website

Advertising Its Worthy Linkage with Internet

The general philosophy behind advertising is to target an audience with pinpoint accuracy and capturing consumer’s attention is imperative. Yet, how attention to advertising works ... Visit website

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