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Market Survey Report

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A Market Report is an extensive report (sometimes 50-60 pages long) detailing out all relevant information about a market, i.e., a product sector.

Has a particular format which can be modified to suit user’s needs.

Used to take Marketing decisions as to marketing strategy to be followed; new product development; changes in marketing strategies ; how to compete more effectively.

Objectives of this activity:

To know how to prepare a market report.

To gain an understanding of a market.


The hard copy of the market report will be evaluated for the format and contents

Power point presentations of the same-a 10-15 minutes presentation

Some examples of Market Reports

Report on the packaged tea market

Report on small car market

Report on children’s wear market/segment.

Report on market for woman’s accessories.

What Student needs to do:

Choose any one Market (industry) 

Make a general format of the Report. Should include:

Title page

Table of Contents.

Executive Summary:  

  • One page summary of report.
  • Current Scenario including major trends shaping the industry. (e.g.: low cost carriers have altered the airline industry)
  • Analysis of various segments and sub-segments
  • Competition analysis: market shares of various players.
  • Relevant environmental factors impacting the market.
  • Major organizations in the industry.
  • Key success factors in the market (e.g.: product features/price/distribution/service…)
  • Need Gaps if any
  • Future of the market: forecasts, future developments 

MUST add references (sources of Data-websites/books)

Fill each of the above major points with information of 2-4 pages each.

Where can you find the material?: Internet; Business periodicals