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Decision Making for Purchase of Product

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What to Do

A product shall be given to student

He has to do the process for decision Making for its purchase for 5 comparative Brands

A comprehensive report on that is to be submitted

Contents of Report

  • Need Recognition
    • What is the purpose behind the purchase
    • Basic requirements to be fulfilled
    • Commercial constraints (Pricing)
  •  Information Search
    • Market Research
    • Short listing of product with their features
  •  Evaluation of Alternatives
    • Prepare an Evaluation Chart
    • Use Cut off criteria
    • Rank attributes by importance
    • Additional features/Promotional offers
  • Purchase Decision
    • Justify your decision with SWOT analysis of your product
  • Your Suggestions for ideal product according to practical industry constraints


Analyzing Alternatives

Commercial Aspects- Finance/Insurance

After Sales Service

Customer Feedback

Market Presence

Promotional Offers

Look wise Preference

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