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Library Rules & Regulations

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Applicability: All Students of UG and PG

Rules and Regulations Applicable for Library

Following are Rules and Regulations applicable for Library for All Students of UG and PG:

  1.  Library will remain open from 9.00 am. to 6:00 pm. daily, except holidays. 
  2.  Library books are issued from 12.00 pm. to 12:30 pm., & 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Books can also be deposited/ renewed during the same time. Books cannot be depsited on the date of issue i.e.  on the same day
  3. Book Bank books are issued from 12.00 pm. to 12:30 pm., & 1:30 to 4:30 pm.
  4.  Three (03) library bowers cards are issued to MBA (Full Time) & MCA students for the whole year. One book on each library card will be issued to the students.
  5.  Library Caution Money : 1000/- (Only for UG Course) Maximum 2 Books. (2 Crd will be issued) This amount will be refunded when the Card holder Leave the Instiute and Also on returning/depositing Library Caution Money Receipt.
  6.  Library cards are not transferable.
  7.  Students who will not deposit the books on the prescribed date is liable to pay the fine Rs.2/- per day.
  8.  The Library Bowers Card is valid for one Academic year.
  9. The member who lost library card should pay Rs.50/- per card for getting new library card. The damaged library cards will be replaced by paying Rs.5/- per card.
  10.  All the students/members having any books, reports & magazine etc. with them are required to take Library gate pass slip before entering in the reading room.
  11. All the students / members are required to make entry in the “Library- Reading Room Register” before entering in to the reading room./library.
  12. General books Library Card (GBC – Fiction, Novels, and Drama etc.) will be issued to the student on the payment of Rs.100/- only, which is to be deposited in the accounts department. This card is valid for one academic year and the amount is non-refundable.
  13. Student with Blazers or open shirt will not be permitted to enter in the library and reading room.
  14. The members who misplaced the library books should deposit the new books of latest edition and Rs.30/- towards library book maintenance charges or should pay 175% of the price of the book as compensation alongwith late clearance fine.
  15. The Reference Books may be issued for the benefit of the students and they must deposit the book within given due date or time period otherwise they will have to pay a penalty of Rs.50/- per day and from next time they will not be permitted to avail this facility.
  16. It is strictly prohibited to tear pages/scribble down/to make marks on the library books. If any one is found to do such things, will be required to deposit a new book of latest edition in lieu of the damaged book.
  17. In case of need, the Librarian or College Authority can ask any student to deposit the book even before the due date of deposit.
  18. The Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, project and Audio-Video/CD/DVD are not issued to anyone.
  19. Maximum 3 books will be issued to visiting faculty and 4 books /subject (Max.) to permanent faculty. Reference books can be issued on Saturday to both visiting and permanent faculty or as the Librarian may deem fit. All faculties are requested to deposit/renew the books on the prescribed date (within 15 days) is liable to pay the fine Rs.2/- per day.
  20. The students should deposit their library bowers cards at the time of leaving the institute; otherwise Rs.50/- per card will be deducted from their caution money or required to pay separately.
  21. If any student violates the rules, misbehaves or indulges in indisciplinary, activities in the library, his membership will be withdrawn & he/she can be fined up to Rs.1000/-.
  22. All the students/members are required to maintain silence in the reading room other wise they will be asked to leave the room immediately.  
  23. All newly admitted students are required to bring Two [02] OR Three [03] stamp size photos, their Identity Card and Library Caution Money Receipt of the institute so that Library bowers Reader Cards may be issued to them. Senior/other students are required to deposit last year’s library card and also to bring recent Identity cards for renewal of library cards.
  24. Mobile phones should be kept in vibration mode. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside library and is subject to cash penalty of Rs.100/-.
  25. Library Administration will not be responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings.
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