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Extra Curricular Activities

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Extra Curricular Activities

The Institute has a wide range of sports, games, cultural and extra-curricular activities that are available forall boys and girls of Institute and other Institutions. The college provides Free Self-Defense Training to all the girls. The college has an open ground/space for the cultural activities accommodating approx. 3000 spectators to view power-packed performances in cultural activities.

Opportunities for learning, developing and accomplishing exist everywhere at Pioneer, where life is a assortment of academics, extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Strong student clubs and various Cell activities give students, a prospect to pursue interests of their concern. In addition, activities such as cultural programs, student fests, festival celebrations, national celebrations and intercollege events and UDBHAV make life truly colorful, enriching and enjoyable.

The students actively participate in various extra-curricular, cultural and sports related competitions organized not only on campus but also at inter-college level. The students have constantly been top performers at such events, which only goes on to highlight the pronunciation that Pioneer Institute lays on all round growth of a student.

Sports and outdoor activities not only act as relaxed alteration from the rigors of theoretical class room sessions but also target to discover the hidden talents and skills of students which in turn help in the overall growth of student's personality.


At Pioneer the annual event becomes a memorable week and witness long celebrations. During this week, various events such as Sports, Fun Games, and Musical Ecstasy, Fashion Show and Cultural programs are organized. The range of activities like Co-Curricular Activities, Exposure to Diversity, Business Simulation Games, Personality Development Sessions, Inter/Intra Collegiate Competitions Educational & Cultural Exchanges, Case Study, Competitions and Industrial Visits  guarantee that every student comes forward to partake in and showcase at least one sphere where they can contribute confidently.


ü  Higher academic scores

ü  Learn to manage their time, relieve stress and learn to strive for excellence

ü  Improvement in  written and oral communication skills

ü  Holding a higher plan

ü  Getting Involved in Diverse Interests

ü  Learning about Long Term Commitments

ü  Raises Self Esteem

ü  Building Solid Relationship Skills

ü  Develop Non-Academic Interests

ü  Learn time management, critical thinking, teamwork and social skills

ü  Beneficial in later life and become more marketable in the workplace

ü  Foster a sense of commitment

ü  Easier to gain admission into other universities