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Bridge and Remedial Classes

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Bridge and Remedial Classes

Each student is different in terms of learning ability, academic standards, classroom learning and academic performance and each has his/her own learning. The aim is to provide learning support to students’ who lag far behind their equivalents in performance. By familiarizing the Institute Curriculum and teaching strategies, faculty members can provide learning activities and practical experiences to students according to their capabilities and requirements. Individualized educational program are designed with intensive remedial support to help students’ combine their basic knowledge in different subjects, master the learning methods, strengthen their self-confidence and enhance the effectiveness of learning.

Throughout the teaching process, teachers provide systematic training to develop pupils' generic skills, including interpersonal relationship, communication, problem-solving, self-management, self-learning, independent thinking, creativity and the use of information technology. Such training can lay the foundation for life-long learning, help them develop positive attitudes and values, as well as prepare them for future studies and career. At Pioneer, we offer bridge and remedial classes to students who are slow learners. 

The Remedial Courses are meant to develop the foundation and improve various learning skills and repair the problem areas. The Remedial classes are conducted for all the students at the start of the semester, that involves coaching and tutoring, through individualized teaching. It helps students to over come the difficulties in specific subject areas. Individual attention is given to students, where the academic weaknesses are identified and solved that may obstruct learning.

The IQAC ensures the Remedial Classes to bridge the gap for areas in Finance, Mathematics, Computer and Personality Development. It results in grasping the basic Mathematics and reading skills, computer proficiency through better teaching tools thatimproves the basic skills they need to advance to a higher academic level. Students who suffer from communication in the classroom become more academically proficient.