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Alumni Association

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Alumni Association

Pioneer has an excellent track record of placements, with alumni placed across the country in various sectors, functions and levels. These alumni provide networking strengths and enable continuous industry academic interface. The Alumni activities play a central role in making the students the worthiest pick by the various organizations that come for placements. The involvement of a devoted Corporate Relation Cell is with a view to conduct important career planning. Our Alumni act as counselors and guide and impart what they have learned to their juniors, which further stimulates the development of a productive society. Various alumni events are planned in the Institute to allow our students to access this valuable network of contacts. We value our relationships with the alumni in the corporate world.

The Alumni Association also benefits by bringing together students to act as a representative andcoordinate, synchronize and promote their own awareness and knowledge; utilize experience, wisdom,ability for the benefit of the weaker section of the society; promote education, and medical relief useful topoor and the needy students; promote sports education, culture and knowledge through lectures; makestudents career oriented. The Alumni and existing students coordinate with each other to conduct and holdseminars, conferences, discussions, symposia, cultural programs, convocation ceremony etc. they are alsotogether for the promotion of social, educational, cultural activities. The Alumni Association helps existingstudents to publish articles, magazines and orientations.

We have made a dedicated and separate online portal for our Alumni. Visit our alumni association at www.alumnee.in/pips


  • Career Counseling
  • Summer Internship Projects
  • Workshops and Programs
  • Networking
  • Guidance in Starting Business or doing a Job
  • Reputation
  • Subjective-matter expertise on every industry, function or market becomes imaginable
  • Human and financial capital for business growth
  • Access to decision makers and potential customers who are friends or associates
  • Career help — informational interviews, internships and even full-time jobs
  • A chance to recapture and relive the joys of B-school at social events and membership meetings