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About Ph.D (Management)

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About Ph.D (Management)

Revised Guidelines for Ph.D. as notified by DAVV

Pioneer Institute is a research center for Management since 2005.

Click Here to see information about Doctoral Entrance Test (DET), Faculties, Subjects, No. of Vacant Seats and Venue of DET Centre as notified by Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalya, Indore.

Click Here to see the new Ordinance no.18 for Doctor of Philosophy in Management as notified by Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalya, Indore.

Click Here to see the Syllabus applicable for Entrance Exam for Doctor of Philosophy in Management as notified by Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalya, Indore.

The following mentioned Appendix can be downloaded from Ordinance for Doctor of Philosophy in Management as notified by Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalya, Indore:-

01.  Appendix – II:  Proforma For Synopsis

02.  Appendix – III: Confidential

03. Appendix – IV: Declaration by the Candidate

04.  Appendix – V: Certificate of the Supervisor

05. Appendix - VII: Fee Structure

General Instructions:

1. The Ordinance shall come into force with effect from the date of its notification, With the enforcement of this ordinance, existing ordinance shall be repealed.

2. No Ph.D. scholar shall join any other course/study or appear at any other examination leading to a degree (except Certificate/Diploma course in languages, Research Methodology/Statistics/Computer Application) during the course of his/her Ph.D. programme.

3. A candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy must, at the time of application, hold a Master’s degree in the concerned subject with at least 55% Marks ( 50% for SC/ST/Physically disabled candidates )or an equivalent grade of M. Phil Degree of the university, a deemed university or other university incorporated by any law for the time being in force and recognized by the University. Provided that a candidate who has at least seven years experience of research/teaching with at least five papers published in standard journals, may be permitted to get registered for Ph.D. degree, even if he/she posses minimum 50 % marks at Master’s degree.

4. A candidate shall ordinarily be permitted to work for Ph.D. Degree in the subject in which he/she has obtained his/her Master’s Degree. Provided that research work leading to Ph.D. Degree may be allowed in allied subject of interdisciplinary nature of the same faculty or of allied faculties. In such cases, candidates may be permitted to work under one or two co-supervisors along with the supervisor.

5. Candidates shall be generally admitted through an entrance test followed by an interview.

6. Candidates who are qualified in National Level Test such as NET/GATE etc. and State Level test such as MPSLET, accredited by the UGC of Teacher Fellowship holders or holders of M.Phil Degree though Entrance Test shall be exempted from the entrance test.

7. The university shall annually decide well in advance the number of seats available for Ph.D. programme in each subject. The number of seats, so decided, shall be notified by the university on its website and/or through advertisement in the beginning of every academic year.

8. A supervisor shall not have at any given point of time, more than eight Ph.D. scholars.

Provided that the number of candidates registered with the Co-supervisor shall not be counted for the number of candidates under a supervisor.

Provided further that a person shall not be allowed to supervise more than eight scholars at a given point of time although he/she is registered in more than one subject/discipline/institution.

9. While assessing the number of vacancies under a supervisor, the actual date of submission of Ph.D. thesis under his/her supervision shall be taken into account.

Procedure of Admission:

a. In response to the advertisement or notification of the university,candidates desirous of seeking admission to Ph. D. programme shall be required to submit applications on prescribed from obtainable from the university on payment of prescribed fee. The duly filled application forms along with supportive documents and the Entrance Test Fee should be submitted/sent to the office of the Registrar within the given period.

b. Candidates shall be admitted through the Doctoral Entrance Test (DET), which shall be conducted for each subject separately at the University Teaching Departments. Provided that the colleges, which are approved research centres, shall be allowed to conduct the DET for the subjects not available in the University Teaching Department. Provided further that the Kulpati may assign to the allied or to any Teaching Department to conduct the DET for the subjects available only in the colleges.

c. The Kulpati shall constitute a Departmental Research Committee (DRC) to conduct the DET comprising of the following members :

1. Dean of the concerned faculty - Chairman

2. Chairman, Board of Studies - Member

3. Head of the Department/Principal - Member

4. One Senior Professor to be nominated by the Kulpati - Member

Note: - The HOD/Principal will be the coordinator.

d. The functions of the DRC shall be as follows

1 To scrutinize the applications

2 To arrange the Entrance Test

3 To arrange for interview

4 To submit the final list of candidates.

5 Any related work assigned by the Kulpati

Entrance Test:-

The Entrance Test shall comprise of one multiple choice objective type paper having one hundred questions of one mark each covering all the basic papers of the concerned Post Graduate course of three hours duration to assess the fundamental knowledge of the candidate. The question paper should be prepared by a panel of examiners recommended by the Examination Committee of the concerned subject. There will be no negative marking. The candidates must score minimum 40 % marks ( 35 % for SC/ST/Physically handicapped ) to qualify the Entrance Test. A merit list shall be prepared by the committee on the basis of the result of the entrance test and submitted to the Registrar and notified accordingly.


The successful candidates of the entrance test shall have to appear for an interview. The interview Board shall consist of all the members of the Departmental Research Committee (DRC) along with four subject supervisors nominated by the Kulpati taking minimum two supervisors from the colleges.

The candidate are expected to discuss their research interest/area, choice of supervisor and co-supervisor, if any and tentative title of the thesis.

 The Board will assess the research potential of the candidates.

The Committee shall finalize the list of the candidates admitted to the Ph.D. programme in the concerned subject. It shall also allot the Research centre, Supervisor and Co-Supervisor, if any, and approve the tentative title of the proposed research work. The final list should be immediately submitted to the Registrar. After the approval of the Kulpati, the list shall be notified.

Note:-  (i) While granting admission to students to Ph.D. programmes, the committee will pay due attention to the State Reservation Policy.

(ii) The committee should also see that only the predetermined number of students shall be admitted to Ph.D. programme.

 If the Dean of the faculty is not available, then the Kulpati shall appoint any other Dean or a Senior Professor of the University to chair the Departmental Research Committee (DRC)

Chairman and two other members form the quorum.

Allocation of supervisor:-

The allocation of the supervisor for a selected student shall be decided by the DRC in a formal manner depending on the number of students for supervisor, the available specialization among the supervisors and the research interest of the students as indicated during the interview. The allotment/allocation of supervisors shall not be left to the individual student or supervisor.

Course Work:-

(a) After having been admitted, each Ph. D. student shall be required to undertake course work of one semester, for which he/she has to deposit a prescribed fee. The course work shall be treated as Pre – Ph.D. preparation. The course work must comprise of:-

i Research Methodology, which may include quantitative methods and computer application.

ii review of published research in the relevant field.

(b) The course work shall be conducted in the University Teaching Departments / Colleges / Research centres as approved by the Vice chancellor.

(c) A combined course work for M. Phil/and Ph.D. students may be conducted for a single/group of subjects wherever possible.

(d) If found necessary ,course work may be carried out by doctoral candidates in sister Departments /Institutes either within or out side the University for which due credit will be given to them.

(e) A candidate shall be declared to have successfully completed the course, if he/she obtains minimum 40 % passing marks separately in (a) ‘i' and ‘ii’ above. The course work shall be evaluated by the Examiners as approved by the Vice Chancellor.

(f) If a candidate fails to obtain the minimum passing marks, he/she should be given one more chance. For this, he/she has to pay an examination fee as decided by the University.

(g) If he/she further fails to obtain the minimum passing marks, he/she should be out of the course.

Registration of the student:-

a. After successful completion of the course work, the student is required to submit the Registration form within two months of the declaration of the result. The Registration form will be obtained from the University by depositing necessary fee.

b The duly filled registration form must be accompanied with a synopsis of his/her proposed research work (in seven copies) in a prescribed format (Appendix-I), necessary documents and certificates along with the following fees :

(i) Registration fee

(ii) Tuition fee for six months

(iii) Library fee for six months

(iv) Library caution money (payable once only and refundable)

(v) Laboratory fee for six months (where laboratory work is involved)

(vi) Identify card fee Provided that the teachers of the University and teachers under UGC

scheme of Teacher fellowship will not be required to pay the above fee except the registration fee.

c After payment of fees along with the form of application the candidate will be provisionally admitted, provided that the application is found in order on being scrutinized by the DRC.

d The candidate shall be required to make an oral presentation of his/her proposed work before

Research Degree Committee (RDC) consisting of the following members:

(i) Kulpati or his nominee- chairman

(ii) Dean of the Faculty.

(iii) Head of the University Teaching Department/School of Studies in the subject.

(iv) Chairman, Board of Studies in the Subject.

(v) One external subject expert of the rank of University Professor to be appointed by the kulpati, ordinarily out of a panel of 5 experts given by the Chairman of the Board of Studies concerned. The term of panel shall be coterminous with the Chairman Board of Studies.

External expert and two other members shall form the quorum.

Note:-  (1) On the request of the supervisor, Kulpati may permit him/her to be present as an observer during the oral presentation of his candidate.

(2) No T.A. and D.A. shall be payable to the candidate and the supervisor for attending the Research Degree Committee meeting.

e The committee shall recommend suitability of the topic of research and the registration of the candidate for the Ph.D. degree. On approved by the RDC, the candidate shall be registered and enrolled as a student from the date the Head of the Department /School of Studies/College/Institution forwarded the application or the date on which the candidate deposit the registration fee, whichever is later. He will also be required to pay regular tuition, library and laboratory fees (six monthly) during his research tenure.

Provided that if the RDC approved the topic and suggests a minor change, the candidate shall be allowed to submit a revised synopsis through the chairman BOS or Dean of the faculty or by the both.

Submission of Thesis:

The candidate shall submit three type written / photocopies hardbound thesis and soft copy in the form of CD (Two) along with the following:-

(a) Minimum one Research Paper published or accepted for publications in a referred journal.

(b) The thesis must be accompanied by a declaration from the candidate that the thesis embodies his own work and he/she has worked under the Supervisor at the approved place of work for the required period as per provisions of the Ordinance (Appendix-III)

(c) The Certificate from the Supervisor together with Co supervisors, if any, that the thesis fulfills the requirements of the ordinance relating to the Ph.D., degree of the University (Appendix-IV).

(d) The candidate shall also remit with the thesis a prescribed examination fee.

On receipt of the thesis along with the certificate and fee it shall be sent to the examiners.

The thesis to be accepted for the award of the Ph.D. degree must comply with the following conditions:-

(a) It must be a piece of research work characterized either by the discovery of the facts or by a fresh approach towards the interpretation of facts in either case it should evince the candidate’s capacity for critical examination and sound judgment.

(b) It must be satisfactory in point of language and presentation of the subject matter.

Research Centre Fee:

  1. Research Centre Fees is Rs. 5,000/-  for every six months
  2. Caution money Rs. 4,000/- (Refundable)

Note: The above fees is subjected to change time to time as may be decided by DAVV, Indore. If there is any delay in fixation of fees or the fees is determined subsequently by DAVV, Indore or any other authority competent to do so, the same shall be applicable to the candidate / research scholar. Institute reserves all rights to recover such fees from the candidate / research scholar. 

Viva – Voce/Presentation:

Candidate has to appear for the Viva-Voce/Presentation in front of the examiner(s) appointed by University on the date fixed for that.

Award of Degree:

After recommendation of the examiner(s), the Executive Council of University will award Ph.D. Degree to the Candidate.


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